Thursday, February 20, 2014

Smile ... and mean it!

Again and again... Smile!

and yes, mean it.

But don't look like a lunatic!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Be the CEO of your life.

I've been having this thought lately; that I should re-evaluate my relationships with the people around me.

I like the sound of the words in the picture above, especially that lately I've been working as my own boss, being the CEO in every aspect of my life especially when it comes to dealing with people in my life; sometimes I really want to point at a lot of people and say "YOU'RE FIRED".

Good, Better, and Best Things

We just said "Think Positive and Positive things will happen" in our last post.
Well we're adding to it now.
The words in the picture above also sound familiar to you right?
May be because they are also right!
So if you have a goal in your life, a good one that is, close your ears, don't listen to negative people, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Think Positive

Positive people, with positive thoughts, attract positive things. 
Sounds familiar?
May be because it is!
What's the point of having bad thoughts anyway?
I mean sometimes we just can't help it, we surrender to the pressures of this life and bang our heads against the wall.
But as hard as we can, we should always face life with a smile and BE POSITIVE!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let it Go!

I know this might sound like a hard advice.
But try not to push it so hard.
As we said before (or may be we didn't yet!) you can look at the past but do not stare.

Tomorrow is always a new day, and you always get another chance.

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Honoring Nelson Mandela

This man is not dead, 
and he will be honored always.
He will not be forgotten, 
and he will be honored here always.

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Smile Smile Smile!

Yeah I'll keep saying that all the time.
You don't need a reminder to keep smiling, or may be you do.
Whatever the case, keep smiling!

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