Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends are like Stars

We're talking about real friends here!

If they're not around you, you miss them for sure.

When they're around, you feel kind of safe, and comfortable!

they support you, they are always there when you need them.

In this crazy, and busy world, these are the things that distinguish real friends, from those who show up when they only need something!


Oh yes! Think!

Before you act, Think!

Before you talk, Think!

Take your time in thinking before you do anything, don't over think it, just give it its fair share of thinking!
Life would be much easier.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bombs Juggle

Hello Everybody!
Enjoying your holidays?
There will be tons of pics with words coming, so brace yourselves! 

Today, I am proud to announce the launch of my latest mobile game "Bombs Juggle".
It has been recently launched through Apple's Appstore (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). 
You can check it out through the following link:

Very soon I'll be releasing the Android version, so stay tuned!

You can actually like Bombs Juggle on Facebook to get the latest news, message me, or join any discussion we post!
Check the Facebook page here:

One thing for sure though, IT'S GONNA GET YOU ADDICTED!

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