Thursday, November 22, 2012

Worry if the fighting stops

This is probably a relation ship related quote.
We must ask the couples if they agree?

Be the Most Positive!

And why not?!

Be the most positive and enthusiastic, especially when the others are so negative!

Determine To Succeed

Never Give Up,
Never settle for less,
Keep trying, and determined till you succeed!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trust God

I know that by heart!
I trust God blindly.
Do you?

I don't usually post religious or God-related words, but these words are kind of inspiring, and in a neutral way.


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People Around You

This is from personal experience.
Stay away from the wrong people.
Don't try to be "Everybody's Friend"
It's just not right!

Again, Just Smile!

We said it before (Click Here to be reminded), and we will keep saying it again and again, 


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Breath Success!

Did the above words touch you?
They sure touched me!
You really have to want to succeed badly, in order to succeed!

Don't forget to share.

Stay away from negativity!

Always distance yourself from negativity, no matter what form that negativity takes.
And especially, if it was in the form of negative people!
And you'll see how life will look more beautiful.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Don't be pushed by your problems...

More words of wisdom following our last post.
Give more focus, actually all your focus, to your dreams and goals.
Don't let the problems or the bad days stray you away from your path!


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One Bad Day

We all pass through bad days in our lives.
The best thing to do, is just to consider them as "one of those days", and move on with full throttle and energy!


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BILL NYE: You can't Know it All!

There is an old saying: "He who says that he knows everything, is an ignorant!".
Personally, I find meeting new people, and learning more from them rather amusing.
Don't you agree?


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Henry Ford: You're right!

You are what you believe your self to be (Remember?).
The great industrialist, Mr. Henry Ford, said it in his own unique way.

If you think you can or, think you can't, you're right both ways!
And Mr. Ford is right!


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bob Marley on Love

Personally, I am extremely cautious when it comes to saying the words "I Love You".

And I am sure, after reading Bob Marley's words, I should  be extremely cautious believing it when someone says it to me!


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work Hard and Be Kind!

I keep hearing from some people that one of the reasons of success, is one's intention.

That can be interpreted in many ways.

But it kind of feels right.

If your intention is not purely financial, there is a better chance for you to succeed.

If your intention is to tackle a need that people have, and it is not met, there is a better chance for you to succeed.

Tell us what you think.
Share, and see what other people think?

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Paulo: You are what you believe yourself to be!

Lots of people like Paulo Coelho as a writer, and it is obvious why.
One of those reasons is his wisdom.
The above is one of his quotes.

Enjoy it and SHARE it.

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Everything has it's "right time"

You probably heard "Good Things come to those who wait".
Just be patient, and keep in mind, that everything has a "right time" for it to come.
There is a wisdom in delay.



Life is Like Riding a Bike

Very inspiring words!
Things in life will not move by themselves, or as we wish.
We must keep balance and keep moving.
And if we fall, we should ride back again, keep the balance, and keep moving on.


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Minds Comparison

So how do you classify your mind as per the above??
How do you classify your discussions ?!


Monday, November 12, 2012

When You're Right, and Wrong!

When you're right, no one remembers, when you're wrong, no one forgets!
How many of you find that true?!

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Edison: why people miss the opportunity.

A man with thousands of inventions in his record.
Without the electricity (which he invented) we would not be having this blog, would we?

Thomas Edison is also an honored graduate of the school of life.
He has a wide spread experience in life.

It was really interesting what he said about how opportunity is missed by people.


Life Goes On

No matter what happened
No matter what happens
No matter what doesn't happen
no matter what we do
and no matter what we don't do!
Life will go on, no matter what!


Let Go of the Grudges!

I always tell nervous people: "if you have a problem with someone, either act to sort out this problem, or throw this someone with his problem behind your back!".

because otherwise, your anger and fury will only eat you up, and it will not affect that other person.

So better if you let go of those grudges, it's healthier, and more sensible.

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Don't be afraid of Being a Beginner

Every body started from one point.
So don't worry that much about taking the first step in anything.
and climb the ladder step by step.
You'll get there, just act, do your best, and be patient!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Follow Your Dreams

Oh yes, we'll say it again and again,
Follow your dreams, don't settle, keep following your dreams,
Do not Procrastinate, follow your dreams, work hard on them.
You don't want to end up working for someone who did!


Friday, November 9, 2012

Ego Kills Talent!

Remember our post from yesterday? where Albert Einstein said

"The more the knowledge the lesser the Ego, and the lesser the knowledge the more the Ego".

Here is another way that Ego can kill your personality!


Steve Jobs : On Creativity

Just can't get enough of Steve Jobs!

I love what says in this picture.

Actually, it kind of tells you that you can build awesome stuff by connecting other stuff together in a simple way.

Don't you think so?

Want more Steve Jobs from us? Click here

Want to know what they said about creativity:

Albert Einstein
Donatella Versace
Charles Mingus     

Charles Mingus : on Creativity

Well if you listen to Jazz, you'll know who Charles Mingus is.
Another creative person who we would like to hear what he has to say about creativity.

He brilliantly mentions "Simplicity"!
Making the simple, awesomely simple.

Well said Mr. Mingus.

Now you tell us what you think.

See also what these people have to say about creativity:

Donatella Versace

Albert Einstein

Donatella Versace : Creativity

Every body knows her, I guess!
she is a fashion icon, and a very creative one too.
After her brother passed away she really took good care of his company , and kept in line.

In our last post, we heard fro Einstein what creativity means.
So what does Donatella Versace has to say about it?
She says "Creativity Comes From a conflict of ideas".

How can we elaborate on that?
I need to hear from you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Einstein: Creativity is Contagious!

Following the last two posts ( Einstein1 and Einstein2), here is more inspiration for today, also from Albert Einstein himself.

In this quote, it seems like he's actually giving us a piece of advice!
But is it actually true that creativity is "Contagious"?

Many people were arguing the fact that Creativity could be inherited.

Still an interesting point of view.

What do you think?

Einstein: Ego and Knowledge

As I said in the previous post, Albert Einstein is one of the most inspiring people through history!

Here is another inspiring quote, as a scientist, Albert Einstein is trying to explain the mathematical relationship between Knowledge and Ego.

The more the ego, the lesser the knowledge, 
the more the knowledge, the lesser the ego. 

There is an old saying that says "If a person says "I know it all", then he just became an ignorant!".

I couldn't agree more! 

Einstein: Happiness and Life

In the Previous post, we heard John Lennon's opinion about Happiness and Life.

In this post, we will hear the opinion of one of the smartest people in history, who is also one of the most inspiring people in history.
It's true that when you don't have a goal in life you are more likely to suffer from depression.

You should have actually multiple goals, or an ultimate goal and divide your road to it into multiple smaller goals.

What do you think about that?

Lennon: Happiness and Life

Beautiful words by John Lennon.
Hard to believe that someone had the ability to kill him.

The words above sound so sweet coming out of a child at school.
How many of us would answer the same question with "Happiness".

It really sounds as if we don't give much thought about our happiness no matter how selfish we are.

Buffet: Honesty is a very expensive Gift

He is so right!

He is one of the people that I admire, and that I follow up for inspiration.

Honesty is a very expensive gift, hard to expect it from many people in this age.

Don't you agree?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ghandi: Dangers to Human Virtue

Well he's not an American president, but he is one of the most inspiring leaders in history.

When the first president George Washington said "In God We trust", it's like he assured that even though the united states is a non-religious country, it still believes in the role of religion, and freedom of religion to people.

but how does that relate to point number 6 above?

This wisdom coming from Mr. Ghandi is somehow looks forgotten in this modern materialistic world.

Do you think that President Obama needs to learn from the above?

No Maximum Wage

This might be an old picture, but it holds an unanswered question in my opinion.

I mean there are money laundry prevention laws, and many other laws against un-rightful  earnings.

But do you think that there should be a law against extremely, or un justified , high wages??

Do you think Mr. Obama should tackle this issue? if it is considered an issue?! 

Tell us what you think.

Russell: The Problem of this World!

When I read Bertrand Russell's quote it kind of seemed like an interesting point of view!

By wiser people, does he include people with a Conscience ?

I mean that looks like the source of doubts, don't you think?

Which kind of the two people is Mr. Obama in your opinion?

Comment and Share, let's see what every body else thinks.

Abraham Lincoln: Roses And Thornes

As I said in the Previous post, today's posts will be inspired by the American elections (that kind of felt like the fastest elections ever, I don't know why).

Here is a quote form another American president, who is a very popular one in the history of the united states.

It's like he's saying look at the full part of the cup, or be positive in other words.

What do you think?

Shall we always ignore the thorns, and love the roses, or just take the thorns for granted as part of receiving the roses?
I say clip the thorns what do you think?
Nice words from president Lincoln.

He Won!

Well, it's a million congratulations to Mr. Obama on his triumph.
Shall we also say congratulations to the American people?
Well, it's a must, because it was their choice to re-elect Mr. Obama.

Today's posts will be mostly inspired by the American elections and the thoughts and inspiration around it.

This is the first post for today includes a quote from Mr. Obama himself.

Again, as many posts on this blog say, do not be afraid to try!
Mr. Obama is a live proof on that!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Smile!

Yes! Keep smiling, especially in front of the people who hate you.
It will sure aggravate them, and  big time!

Keep smiling, people will love you more, and will feel more comfortable in dealing with you.

So keep smiling!

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It's a personality-attitude thing

This is for judgmental people.

I am responsible for shaping my personality.
Weather I want to look serious, professional, or even silly, that depends on me.

Judging me, or worse, forcing me to act in a certain way, is totally dependent on you!

So don't judge me anyway!

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Discover "YOU"

Sometimes we think that we know ourselves real well.
Sometimes we even think of ourselves as "boring" or "useless".
Yet we don't know how much we can surprise ourselves.
So keep digging, keep working hard, till those hidden diamonds inside you comes out and sparkle.

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Feel Privileged if you are like a Candle

Sometimes, I find excuses for people, I say we are all having this busy life style, it's hard to keep contact with everyone you know all the time.

Sometimes, I have this awful feeling generated by people themselves, that I am wrong!

A lot of people just happen to look for benefits in their acquaintances.


Things Will Work Out

I keep telling my self "they will see".

No matter what all the naysayers say, or how many are they, I keep on trying, and I know things will work out, and I shall harvest the fruit of my hard work.

Be inspired, motivated, and inspire / motivate every one you know. SHARE.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Steve Jobs Awesomeness!

He is one of the people that I admire the most!
And who doesn't adore Steve Jobs, or his legacy?

These are some of the great words that he said during his life.

We should all look for the things that we love to do and we should not settle for just anything that we find.

Same goes for relationships, but for work, entrepreneurship, and business, we should work hard to find the thing that we love to do!

Don't forget to SHARE.

P.S. If you like Steve Jobs, you might life the following post too: 

The Space is the Limit!

As we all know "The sky is the Limit".

But why not lift the bar a bit, or a lot!

Let's make the space is the limit.

This reminds of the saying " Shoot for the Moon ".

Yes, raise your hopes, and the levels of your dreams, you don't know how great you are!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make the most of your life

This kind of your responsibility.
Your life is not just a "Property", it is also your responsibility.

Your responsibility to live it right.
Your responsibility to make the most of it.
Your responsibility to make great achievements, and to inspire other people (as you were inspired by others).

This is your motivational message for today, spread it around!

Be Strong and Ask For Help

It is true that you should be self-dependent, yet at the same time, you can not forget that we people are social creatures, no person is an island.

The trick is to realize when we really need help, and when to ask for it.
We also need to know how to ask for help in the right way.