Saturday, June 30, 2012

You and People (4/4)

The last one for today (even though it did past mid night here).

Of course, we should give a share to your other half if we are going to talk about people and relations.

Those who were lucky, and already found their life partner, this is a piece of an advice for you:

Look at the flaws that you find in your life partner, as a way to make your life together perfect.
Actually, you will feel so as your life together lasts longer.

Wish you all the best in your lives.

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You and People (3/4)

And this is the third post for today.

It is kind of common that when we are hurt, the scars can last for sometime, the length of that time can vary from one person to another, depending on how deep we're hurt, and how sensitive we are.

Those who hurt us, are like scars in our minds.
It is not healthy to keep them in there.

It's like throwing away bad tenants from your apartments, you have to act as a strict land lord when it comes to renting space in your mind.

So keep that space for the worthy only!

You and People (2/4)

Our second post for today.
Here's a question for you: Who is worth your tears?

The love of your life?
Your parents? (May be)
Your children?

The list can go longer, but if you come up with an answer to this question, ask your self :  would she/he or they want to make you cry?

Would she / he or they NOT want to see your tears, they want to see you happy all the time?

We really need to question our Generousity when it comes to showing our tears and feelings.

You and People (1/4)

Today I'll be posting 4 pictures talking about our relationships with our partners, and with other people in general.

I will start with our happiness.
There are times when we meet someone, and we feel that we can't live without them!

They simply make us happy, and we feel that there is an empty space in our lives, if they are not around.

We can not control such feelings, yet, we should not make our feelings that dependent on other people.

It would be great if we can find people who deserve such feelings, but, considering this age that we live in, we should have some control over our feelings and lives.

Whoever disregards your feelings, disregard him (or her).

Never put the key to your happiness in someone else pocket!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Till We Find the Right One

Whenever I get out of a relationship (especially if it was the kind of relationship that I thought it would last forever), I say to my self "There is a better girl for you out there".

And there was always a better girl in the next relationship, which kind of made me think "I'm glad it didn't work out with the last one!"

Never the less, I keep hoping for the one girl that will  make me feel happy that all my previous relationships did not succeed.

And I wish you all to find the same person in your life, if you haven't yet!

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Men and Women Loyalties!

OK, I'm kind of sure about the first part, but I'm not sure about the second part!
I leave it for you to discuss and decide.

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Treat Her Right!

We all have sisters, mothers, daughters, in other words, we all have females in our families.
As a man, do you ever have the same feelings towards them as toward your wife?
The answer is for sure NO!

Do we ever think of how our sisters, or daughters are being treated by their husbands?

It will hurt us a lot if we know that they are abused, or even not treated well.

It is only fair to think about that when we treat our wives.
They are also someones sister, or daughter.

Sadly, not everybody has this idea inside his head.

Your wife left her father, brother, mother, and sisters when she married you, it is only fair that you be her family all put together! Compensate her for all the compassion that she missed!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Joy of trying Something New!

You ever felt afraid of trying something new?

Don't worry, everybody fears to try something new, depending on what type of person they are.

Afraid to try something new to eat? 

or may be you're afraid of talking to a girl for the first time?

or perhaps afraid of going for sky diving for the first time?!

A lot of people might say, face your fears!
I say, figure out the worse case scenario!

Trying something you can be very "Educating" and "Enlightening".

But, try to avoid being afraid of making mistakes, especially if you're trying something that you are getting training on, like swimming, driving.

Mistakes are a natural part of practice, and will only help you get closer to perfection.

So keep trying new things, you'll be empowering your self in many ways.

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Bitter Past

Personally, when I look at bitter experiences that I had in the past I get irritated, and sometimes I start talking to my self, or even worse, fighting my self!

"How did I allow that to happen?!"
"Why Didn't take a faster, or better Action?!"

I scold my self for sometime, but then I remember, it's in the PAST! You Can't change it!

I keep telling my self to learn from it instead, and to do the same mistakes that lead to such bad experiences.

I sometimes tell my self that this could happen to anyone, not just me.

Or it could have been worse, thank god that I got out of it in one piece.

Or it was not my mistake in the first place.

However I look at it, I make sure to look at the future.

If it was a girl that dumped me, I look for a better girl.

If it was a time that I wasted, I make sure not to waste more time, and make the best of my day.

Always make sure that you are becoming a better person every day.

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Tough People

I always looked at hard times as a test, a routine test actually.

Think of birds immigrating from place to place, we all know that they immigrate to escape winter and the unbearable cold, yet, they also immigrate so that weak birds in their flock would die and fall.

So immigration in their case is like a test to the whole flock, only those who are able to survive the immigration can mate, and have an active role in the flock.

Else, if they keep the weak, they will dis function and trouble the flock, it's their way to have a healthy life.
Life is full of tests, routine tests that is, as people, we should be strong enough to pass them, being strong here, has a lot of elements, the most important in my opinion is patience.

Having a financial crisis? Do your best to adapt, and to work hard to survive it.

Lot's of examples about this subject, I'm sure you had some in your own life.
So be tough, and LAST!

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It's never impossible!

A beautiful saying by Nelson Mandela!
Reading this man's story, you'll feel that he's able to do the impossible!

A lot of things in our life seem to be impossible, or near impossible to be done, then by just taking the first step, you see that things start to develop and be solved in a surprising way!

I'm sure people trying to loose weight will feel this, the first step (be it going to the gym, or starting a diet program) is always the hardest, then things change with the next time you go to gym, and the time after, and so on.
And when you loose most of your weight or all of it, it just looks like it was easy!

So always find a way to work around things, not everything is rendered as impossible!

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On God's Side

I must confess, this is the first time I hear this saying for Abraham Lincoln.

It is true, that god is always there, no matter what happens.

If something bad happens, or simply something that we don't like occurs, I always believe that god has a wisdom that I yet to find.
If god deprives me from something, I know that god will give me something better instead.

But I always question my self, am I respecting god enough? am I giving God his rights? what ever I do, I always feel that I am not.

God is merciful, no matter what we do, we can not pay him back.

So thank you Mr. Lincoln, well said.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

After the weekend

I remember it felt so bad when it was the last few hours of the weekend!

The whole week, I would be waiting for the no-working 2 days of the week, mostly for getting enough sleep, and not waking up to the alarm clock!

So it's the beginning of the week, it's only 5 days to the weekend!