Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be Strong and Patient!

Easy said than done.

Do your best people!

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Oscar Wilde: the difference between Price and Value.

Probably Olivia Wilde would love this one!
I heard she is a great fan of Oscar Wilde that she actually named herself after him!

But don't we all like this quote?

I hate it when somebody speaks in a comprehensive way, as if he's including all people in his / her speach.

Yet, when looking at the general image, it might be more reasonable.

Let's hope that our readers will focus more on the value of things instead of just the price.

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Judge Other People Together!

I got this from the famous 9GAG page (Actually, it reached me through Facebook).

Anyway, as much as it seems funny, I still don't approve judging other people.

But I do agree that true friends should not judge each other.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Be Like the Waves.

I like the wisdom in these words.

Waves are also a symbol of strength, continuity, freshness!

I like using waves as an example for a healthy, positive life.

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Don't Carry your mistakes around with you!

In other words; stop blaming yourself, learn from your mistakes, and add it all to your life-experience bag!

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Make it Happen!

Be the third kind of a person.

Act, and act fast!

Also act fast and share!

Richard Branson: The best way to learn is to try!

One the people that I admire the most!
I was always impressed by the way he built his group of companies (Virgin group).

Today, we are sharing some of his wisdom.

Indeed, you should always have a practical part of your life experience, you can't always follow theories, and not try for your self.

You'll never know till you try! 

Share, Share, Share!

Be the best version of you.

Sounds like a cliche ??

Well it is not!

Love your self, wake that monster inside of you, and unleash it!

Let everybody see the best image of you!

Don't forget to share.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Will Smith: Say no to hate!

One of the actors that I like the most.

And this quote of his, is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard.

It is just sometimes hard not to hate, or forget.

But it is for sure worth trying!

Like it and share it everywhere!

Silence and Smile!

Yeah I know, I write about smiling a lot.

Get used  to it!

I just can't get enough smiles!

Share this with everyone you know, and keep smiling :)

Write your worries before the exam!

I got this from another page.

I haven't tried this before, and I'm not a student anymore.

So do any of you have something to say about this?
Did you ever try it? 
or can you try it and tell us?

I really feel so curious about this.

Tell, Show, Prove!

In other words, TAKE ACTION!

or you will regret that you did not!

Tell us about your previous experiences, or at least what you think about this picture.

A person who means the whole world to you!

Do you have such a person in your life?

If yes, tell us how it feels, and what feelings and emotions does this person move inside of you.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Judge your self first!

In other words: review your actions first!

See what you did right, or wrong.

It will help you become a better person, and it will help you make better judgements in the future!

Share it with everyone you know!

Stop chasing the wrong things!

This reminds me of a saying that I heard from a preacher once; 

he said: "If you don't know where god's blessing is, don't worry, god blessing (or grace) knows where you are!"

What is right to us will find us eventually.
But still, we have to work hard the right way!

Tell us what you think.

Persist Till You SUCCEED!

I need such a quote in my life today.

I'm fighting to build my own business, and my funds don't look like they're helping that much.

That's why, I'm gonna keep on persisting till succeed in my project!

Share around.

Desmond Tutu: Improve your Argument.

Hard to apply this when you're really angry!

But people, or to be more accurate, discussions would be more civilized if this would be applied.

One can only try :)