Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Inspiration

Happy Halloween to those who are celebrating it!

Here are some Pics with Nice Halloween inspiration and wishes that you can exchange with your friends and family.

Share them as many times as you can!

Enjoy your Halloween.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is a sort of a definition for Sarcasm.

Do you Agree?


Negative OUT!

I liked the cute babies in the picture, but seriously, don't you just wish you can do the sane thing in this picture to negative people and stuff in your life?


Men and Women Again!

OK, I am against generalizing judgements, if you don't know this about me.

This looked a funny quote (By George Carlin) to me, so I wanted to share it, and leave it to you to decide weather it's true or not!

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A Good egg!

This is Sweet, but again, no body is perfect.

I tried to say that to my friend who told me that I am PERFECT!

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Believe in Your Dreams and their Beauty

Believe in the Beauty of Your Dreams.

After all, they're your dreams!
Think of the beauty of the moment when your dreams come true!
Think how the faces of the nay Sayers would look!
Believe in your dreams and their beauty, Always!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Move on Beyond Your EX!

"Never Be Upset If You see Your EX with Someone Else, Because Your Parents Taught You To Give Your Used Toys To The Less Fortunate".

You don't know how much these words helped me a lot !

Makes feel much better to feel that way about your EX.

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The Gate is Open

"Live Like Someone Left The Gate Open".

I'm still trying to figure this one out!

It probably means "Live Freely" , with extra freedom, or as if you had a lot in your life on hold, and suddenly you have the chance to carry that out?

Tell Us what you think.

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The Brain Stops When You Fall in Love !

" The Brain is The Most Outstanding Organ, it Works for 24 Hours, 365 Days, right From Your Birth, Till You Fall in Love".

Is this true?
I mean what happened to "Fall in Love With your Heart and Mind"?
You can still use your mind when you fall in Love, and choose the right life partner, no?

Tell us what you think.

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A Person you can be Better Than.

"The Only Person I can Try To Be Better Than, is the Person I was Yesterday".

True Motivational Words!
The best thing you can do to your self is improving it!

Learn new stuff, expand your horizons, practice new hobbies, or sports.

No limit to what you can add to your personality.

I adored this picture (and the Words in it of course).

Share with us what you think are cool ways to improve your self.

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A Real Man

"A Real Man Chooses to Honor, Love, Respect, Adore, and be Faithful to one Woman".

A Real Man

This reminds with one of my previous post ( Treat Her Right), which is one of the most popular posts on this blog.
So what do you Think ladies, are there such real men out there?
Tell us what you think in a comment.

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Every thing is Gonna Be Alright!

"Everything is Going to Be alright, May be not today, but Eventually".

There is One-Year Winter, or a 24 hour night.

After winter comes spring, and the warmth of summer.

And after the darkness of the night, comes the light of the day, no matter how long.

So Keep your hopes high no matter what happens!

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Dreams Come True

"I wish all your dreams will come true in this life, God Bless You.."

This is my wish to all my readers.

Keep working on your dreams until they come true, I pray that they will come true very soon.

God Bless You All.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Sounds like simple math to you?
I certainly do hope so.

It's nice to keep friendship forever in this materialistic age.

There are people who give friendship a price.
There are people where friendship is priceless to them.
And there are people where friendship is simply a stage that must come to an end when the benefit is gone!

I ran into the last type, which was an annoying experience, but I'm better off without them.
You can never feel sorry for loosing a fake person!

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The WeekEND is a Happy END

"The Only Happy END That I Know is the WeekEND ! "

For All those who are Enjoying, or about to enjoy their weekend, I wish you all a happy and enjoyable weekend.

Hope all your plans are never  interrupted, and that you're able to recharge for the becoming week.

P.S. Don't think about the coming week, just enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Have a Happy Friday!

Tomorrow is Friday, a lot of People are thanking God for that, I'm sure you know.

Enjoy Your Friday (Day and Night!).

Good Relationships Don't Just Happen.

"Good Relationships Don't Just Happen, They Take Time, Patience, And Two People Who Truly Want To Be Together".

So true!
I always believed that if you want someone so bad, you should really work hard for them.
Don't take your beloved ones for Granted!
Tell us what You think.


The Ones Who Love You

"The Ones Who Love you Will Never Leave You. Even If  There Are A Hundred Reasons To Give Up, They Will Find One Reason To Hold On".

So True, but Hard to find such people these days, and could be impossible actually.
Unless you are filthy rich I guess!

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Never Lie!

"Never Lie To The Person Who Loves You!"

Ok, This is a golder rule!
Note that it's not "Don't Lie to the person you LOVE", it's "To The Person Who LOVES you".
Don't disappoint the person who loves you, or loose them by lying!

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A world for a Person

To The World You Might Be One Person, But To One Person, You Just Might Be the World".

 I just wish I can that person, where I'd mean the world for her, and she means the world for me.
Every body needs such a person in their life.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lie and Believe!

Lie and Believe   

"The Word LIE sits right in the middle of the word BELIEVE !"

Did you notice that before?!
I kind of didn't!

So what is the moral of the above words?
is it that words are like roses and thorns? there are some to believe and some not to, yet you have to accept both some how?

I'll leave it to you to analyze.
share what you think with a comment.
Share with your friends, and let us here what you all think!