Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tough People

I always looked at hard times as a test, a routine test actually.

Think of birds immigrating from place to place, we all know that they immigrate to escape winter and the unbearable cold, yet, they also immigrate so that weak birds in their flock would die and fall.

So immigration in their case is like a test to the whole flock, only those who are able to survive the immigration can mate, and have an active role in the flock.

Else, if they keep the weak, they will dis function and trouble the flock, it's their way to have a healthy life.
Life is full of tests, routine tests that is, as people, we should be strong enough to pass them, being strong here, has a lot of elements, the most important in my opinion is patience.

Having a financial crisis? Do your best to adapt, and to work hard to survive it.

Lot's of examples about this subject, I'm sure you had some in your own life.
So be tough, and LAST!

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