Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Joy of trying Something New!

You ever felt afraid of trying something new?

Don't worry, everybody fears to try something new, depending on what type of person they are.

Afraid to try something new to eat? 

or may be you're afraid of talking to a girl for the first time?

or perhaps afraid of going for sky diving for the first time?!

A lot of people might say, face your fears!
I say, figure out the worse case scenario!

Trying something you can be very "Educating" and "Enlightening".

But, try to avoid being afraid of making mistakes, especially if you're trying something that you are getting training on, like swimming, driving.

Mistakes are a natural part of practice, and will only help you get closer to perfection.

So keep trying new things, you'll be empowering your self in many ways.

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