Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bitter Past

Personally, when I look at bitter experiences that I had in the past I get irritated, and sometimes I start talking to my self, or even worse, fighting my self!

"How did I allow that to happen?!"
"Why Didn't take a faster, or better Action?!"

I scold my self for sometime, but then I remember, it's in the PAST! You Can't change it!

I keep telling my self to learn from it instead, and to do the same mistakes that lead to such bad experiences.

I sometimes tell my self that this could happen to anyone, not just me.

Or it could have been worse, thank god that I got out of it in one piece.

Or it was not my mistake in the first place.

However I look at it, I make sure to look at the future.

If it was a girl that dumped me, I look for a better girl.

If it was a time that I wasted, I make sure not to waste more time, and make the best of my day.

Always make sure that you are becoming a better person every day.

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